Landscaping Consultant

James Hatchett has been managing and creating spaces in estates, parklands, public open spaces and rights of way, sites of special scientific interest, protected conservation areas and private gardens since the early 1990s.

James has worked with the National Trust, The British Trust for Conservation Volunteers, Worcestershire County Council, Groundwork Environmental Charity and scores of private and public clients during his 25-year career working on natural and landscaped spaces.

James has spent nearly a quarter of a century transforming landscapes into spaces that bring people, places and wildlife together: be that hedgelaying & dry-stone walling in deepest Shropshire; creating rights of way in the Worcestershire countryside, creating inner city nature reserves for schoolchildren to appreciate the value of enabling habitat and wildlife biodiversity; or building gardens in suburbia.

Now, James has brought his vast knowledge, expertise and skills together to provide a bespoke landscape consultancy service – whether you are a individual looking to shape your private space, or a body seeking to deliver an open space that balances people and habitat, or a landscape contractor looking for specialist advice.

Consultancy services rate: £300 per day.

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